The cool way to accessorize with earrings in Autumn 2017
19 Sep

The cool way to accessorize with earrings in Autumn 2017

It's Autumn time again, and you are thinking about how to go minimal with your accessories and still look great? Not to worry, there are ways to look chic and comfortable with statement earrings without feeling the heat or chunky weight.

A pair of earrings could bring the spark to your outfit because this time of the year is when you want to go with warm hues that can sometimes be dull on the eyes. You might want to consider going for a comfortable pair of earrings that don't cause too much friction on the ear, Vivienne Westwood earrings collection has one that is totally worthy of mention- the Farah earrings, comes in silver, moderate and beautiful.

So here are some tips to help you choose suitable earrings for Autumn:

1. Go for Studs: Studs are your best bet this season because they are light and come in various sizes. You can wear a smaller stud for a formal outing, and you can switch to a bigger stud later in the evening, for that dinner date. The Vivienne Westwood earrings collection has the ‘sterling silver crazy in love earrings’ that would go well with a black or red dinner gown.

2. Choose delicate drop earrings: I know you are rolling your eyes right now and saying ‘really? That’s not going to happen‘. But it can happen if you go for the ones with delicate chains, not too many chains though. A perfect example of that is the Zia earring from Vivienne Westwood, it has just two drop chains on each piece and it's not too long. Perfect for when you're hanging out with your girls.

3. Small hoop earrings are great: these are definitely fashion pieces that are easy to adorn, you can wear more than one on the same ear (that is if you have more than one piercing) and still won't feel a thing. Small hoop earrings have a way of adding subtle snazziness to your look, so whether it's a fun day at the beach or you are going to the grocery. It’s okay to rock a small hoop earring, with these pieces you can never go wrong.

4. Clasp stud earrings are easier than it sounds: the thought of wearing any earring with a clasp which can be uncomfortable, but it can be pulled off if you are not going to wear it for so long. Not every clasp earring snugs tightly like elastic, but this doesn't mean it would fall off either. It can be worn for a brief business meeting and would still give you that classy look.

5. Set yourself free with ear cuffs: a very fun way to show your ear some love this Autumn is with ear cuffs, First of all, you don't need to have a piercing to put on an ear cuff, how cool is that? And even if you do, you’re piercing gets to breathe because you could wear it on any part of the ear and still feel like you have nothing on your ear.

There you have it; you can switch up your style with the different types of earrings and still make a good fashion statement.

Some suggestions in the Vivienne Westwood earrings collection are; Petra earrings comes in blue and light rose, black Iona studs, diarianne petite key earrings, and tiny diamante heart studs.